Exciting times for us at Conveyor Concepts! We have been blessed with steady growth which has allowed us to expand and re-model our office space in 2014/15. This year we are able to expand our Manufacturing and Production facility. The new addition will give Fabrication, Paint, Assembly, Machining, and Shipping much needed space. Many departments will double their work area!

Many may not know that Conveyor Concepts originally was located in Walker. The company began there in 2003 with 5 employees. In Jan. of 2005 we moved to Coopersville. The 25k sq. ft. building was too large for what we needed, so half of the building was rented out to a trucking company. We eventually moved into that space as well, and expanded through the north side for paint booths. Last year we added new offices and a conference room to the front of the building, and now we are in the process of adding another 24k sq. ft.!

Coopersville has been very accommodating through all of the growing pains and has worked with us along the way. In Aug. of 2008 an article was written in the Observer which said, “The Company, which currently employs six people, hopes to add three more within the next two years”. Another article in June of 2015 quoted Councilman Ken Bush saying “It’s great to see them grow; they are a great bunch of guys and go-getters”. Councilman James Ward, “We’ll be lucky to keep them. They are doing a great business”.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with the growing process and for your continuing regard toward safety with construction underway.

Rain, snow, or sun, Pioneer Construction is working hard to keep our project on schedule. Thanks to Pioneer for working through the West Michigan winter weather to add an additional 24,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space to use this spring.